Export Fruits, Vegetables, Aluminium Utensils, Polypropylene Rope, Rice, Wheat, Cereals

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Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

We procure Indian high quality fruits and vegetables from well-known agriculturists and framers that assure our customers of our authenticity. Export fruits and vegetables uniform in size, our fresh vegetable herbs add rich flavor and texture to cuisines from all over the world. Export quantity and packing is as per customer and international business specification.

Aabhas Overseas are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Offered fruits and vegetables are full of flavor. These fruits and vegetable are appreciated for their high nutritional value like vitamin 6, vitamin C, Carotene, potassium, magnesium, and iron, etc. This range is also known for its ability to add flavor, spice and hotness to any dish. Indian fruits and vegetables herb has widened medicinal benefits. Being bulk suppliers of fruits and vegetables exporters in India, we do offer fresh and best quality products at effective and suitable prices. We do conduct strict quality checks before releasing our fresh fruits and vegetables product into international market. When it is taken regularly in adequate amount, it gives immediate health benefits to consumers.

Rice, Wheat and other cereals

India is the leading exporter of the Basmati rice, non basmati rice, wheat and cereals to the global markets. Rice, wheat and cereals is an important commodity which is being exported to different countries. Basmati and non basmati rice is exported from India to Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Traq, Kuwait, U.K, USA, Yemen Republic, Oman, Canada.

Any rice other than Basmati Rice is named as Non- Basmati rice. In the world it has been reported that there are many varieties of rice and out of which the maximum number are in India. The country has exported 75,99,552.15 MT of Non Basmati Rice to the world for the worth of Rs. 21,184.85 crores / 3,047.78 USD Millions during the year 2018-19. Wheat cultivation in India traditionally been dominated by the northern region of India. The northern states of Punjab and Haryana Plains in India have been prolific wheat producers. While this cereal grass has been studied carefully in the past, recent years of painstaking research by India's finest scientific talent has paid off with the development of distinctly superior varieties of Durum Wheat. Major wheat growing states in India are Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Gujarat. World trade in wheat is greater than for all other crops combined. Demand of India's wheat in the world shows a rising trend. The country has exported 2,26,225.00 MT of wheat to the world for the worth of Rs. 424.94 crores / 60.55 USD Millions during the year of 2018-19.

Aluminium Utensils

We specialize in manufacturing, supply and export of highest quality aluminium kitchen utensils. The world most plentiful metal Aluminium has been part of our environment since the beginning of time. It has become the second most widely used metal. Our best-in-class products are manufactured using finest quality raw material and advanced techniques. Aluminium Utensils are light weight strong, resistant to corrosion , are ideal for food and beverage packing and can be recycled economically.

Aluminium Utensils are available in various shapes and size. Aluminium Utensils are durable and reliable cooking utensils fits in as a perfect cooking utensils choice for your kitchen. Our products include a wide range of products such as Aluminium Topes, Aluminium Gamla, Aluminium Degda, Aluminium Basin, Aluminium karahi, Aluminium Naad, Aluminium Tray, Aluminium Handle and Aluminium Saucepan. Aluminium Utensils are excellent heat conductors. Heat spreads quickly and evenly across the bottom, across the cover to completely surround the food. We can make customized products as per client requirement.

Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene Rope. Also known as Polyprop or Poly rope, Polypropylene is a versatile rope that is used for a range of everyday and commercial applications. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer (turns to a liquid when heated and freezes to a very glassy state when cooled sufficiently). it is rugged and unusually resistant to solvents, bases and acids. It has a melting point of 170┬░Centigrade. It possesses high flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature. It has a low coefficient of friction.

It is very resistant to moisture. It has good chemical resistance over a wide range of bases and acids. It possesses good fatigue resistance. It has good impact strength.